Personal Injury

You are driving home from a great weekend trip and looking forward to seeing your family or partner, or just relaxing on your own. Suddenly and without warning your world changes perhaps forever. You have been rear ended by a negligent or even drunk driver and what you took for granted your entire life is now gone. You cannot work or play without excruciating pain. You cannot function socially or sexually. In short, the quality of your life is changed dramatically.

While we may not be able to return to you to the life you had always known, we at the stuart brown law firm will fight aggressively and without reservation to get the satisfaction, justice and financial remuneration you deserve and require. No, money may not bring you back the loss you experienced physically, emotionally and psycholically, but it will provide a means for you to start a new life that hopefully will bring you some happiness and solice. Let us help you start to reach that goal.

Perhaps you have been the victim of some personal physical assault or sexual attack or abuse that has left your life shattered and feeling shamed, humiliated, or dehumanized. Again, we may niot be able to ever fully wipe out the painful memories and physical or psyhcological damage and pain, but we can and will do everything humanly possible toachieve justice on your behalf and demand and receive the remuneration that will at least help to make you whole financially and work to restart a life that brings you as much happiness as is possibe.

Let us help. You will find we really do care and will work tirelessly to defend you in personal injurt cases, defammation cases, and loss of functioining due to medical or profesional negligence.