Areas of Practice

With Masters and Doctoral degrees degree and experience in psychology and counseling and more than 30 years of experience in family, child and adult therapy and evaluations; more than 30 years of experience in sexual offense risk evaluation and treatment; and more than 30 years testifying in court more than 1000 times in a dozen states as a sexual risk assessment and treatment expert, Attorney Stuart Brown is unique in terms of combining his mental health background and legal skills and experience, to be able to assist clients both personally and legally in dealing with very complex and difficult issues in family and criminal law. Stuart Brown provides the following legal services in the following areas of law:

  • Family Law with sub specialty in dissolution, parenting conflicts, property settlement, modifications, mediation and arbitration.

  • Criminal Law with sub specialty in sexual offense charges and allegations; and other serious felony and gross misdemeanor offenses.

  • Contracts with sub specialty in contract negotiation and arbitration, contract formation, breach of contract issues and mediation of such.

  • Personal Injury Law.

Client Services

This Attorney Understands the Law and Will Meet Your Needs.

Our firm is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services and quality personal services to our clients. As your lawyer I will assure that your case is advanced and heard in an aggressive, direct, zealous but professional manner. I have no hesitation or concern with arguing your case before Judges and Commissioners in a highly assertive manner and am not shy about letting court officers know when I believe they have made an inaccurate and/or unfair decision while always remaining professional. You will never complain about this attorney being too passive or unwilling to argue the merits of your case even if this means proceeding to the appeals courts. On the other hand, this attorney will also seek settlements both in and out of court with client approval if a fair and reasonable settlement can be achieved. This Attorney understands family law and people and will understand your needs and personal style and issues.  Our firm effectively represents individuals throughout Washington State. We have represented clients of diverse cultures, economic backgrounds, professional backgrounds, etc. Although each client is unique, there is a great likelihood that we have represented and won cases for clients like you.

Use of Experts

The Use of Experts Can be Essential to Success

The appropriate use of experts in a case can be essential to achieving successful outcomes and winning your case. Very often cases require specialized or technical experience, work and testimony from such experts. Our firm works regularly with many knowledgeable experts from a wide array of fields including drug and alcohol treatment and evaluation experts, sexual abuse/offense/risk treatment and evaluation experts; forensic psychology and psychiatry experts, real estate assessment and sales experts, property valuation experts; law enforcement and forensic experts, accounting experts, parenting evaluators, GAL evaluators, FASD experts etc.

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